Transform your Partnerships into revenue.

Safely map accounts and opportunities with your partners in real-time, showing where you overlap and can help each other win. Generate partner-sourced opportunities and track their impact on revenue.

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1,000+ teams use Sharework to turn partnerships into revenue.

Invest time where it matters

Forget about the countless partnerships that never generated ROI. Quickly spot high potential partnerships thanks to simple overlap data, and invest time in growing the relationships that matter.

Instant data, directly actionable

Tens of hours saved by picking the right technology partners & allies in co-selling

Instantly map opportunities

Leave spreadsheets and headaches behind. Our technology maps your account database against your partner's, to enrich your customer knowledge in real time. We made account mapping with your partners a breeze.

Average 3 hours saved weekly

100% opportunities identified, sales pipeline increased

Increase win rate by 39%

The simple fact that you share markets, personas, or values with your partner's ecosystem will increase your win rates. In fact, we did the math: win rates increase by an average of 39% when targeting your partners' customers. Get instant access to this data in your CRM, enable sales by prioritising ecosystem leads, and finally turn those alliances into deal machines.

Win rates increased by 39% when selling to your partners' customers

45% larger deal sizes on ecosystem leads

Your data security is our #1 priority

We are experts in security:

Our Tech team was trained at some of the most demanding companies in terms of security. In fact, we breathe security. 

We are GDPR compliant:

We anonymize your data using “irretrievable encryption” before it’s imported.

You choose what your partners see:

Partners will only access data you allow them to see. Advanced sharing settings allow you to:

Only share the accounts and opportunities you want.

Select the information you're willing to share for each account.

Game changing for Revenue teams


“My work used to be misunderstood. Since using Sharework, my impact has translated into better win rates and larger deal amounts. Now Sales totally get it.”

Save time.

Enable sales.

Report on Partners' impact.


“For a while, we had a hard time closing large deals. Then comes Sharework, and our Sales Reps are easily getting introduced to key decision makers. Partnerships are now our #1 sales channel for large deals.”

Get sales insights.

Close more and larger deals.


“I love the fact that I can finally choose my co-marketing partners based on smart data, such as market and persona overlap. Now I can focus on campaigns worth building, and it’s been generating top ROI".

Score & prioritize leads based on ecosystem insights.

Painless co-marketing actions

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