(Em)Powering B2B ecosystems

Sharework securely connects CRMs together to reveal business opportunities with your trusted partners.


Why Sharework?

Sharework's technology empowers B2B companies to monitor their ecosystem of partners in order to maximize customer knowledge and, at the end of the day, revenue. It's intended to Alliances managers, Sales leaders, and Marketing specialists.

Alliances managers

Leverage partners to help the Sales team achieve their target.

Assess partnerships potentials to focus your efforts where it matters.

Get instant Account Mappings to identify potential synergies.

Track partners’ impact on revenue.

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Sales leaders

Get business insights to close more deals & close them faster.

Enrich your CRM data with sales insights from your ecosystem.

Empower your sales reps to get direct help from partners (intros & referrals).

Co-sell with your partners,

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Marketing specialists

Identify ecosystem qualified leads & improve marketing efficiency.

Score & prioritise leads based on ecosystem insights.

Easily identify common customers for joined marketing efforts (ex: co-hosted event) 

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We work with top companies to create the best possible experience and change the way B2B partnerships are done.  If you do believe that successful partnerships is a key-factor of  success, join now!

Data privacy & SECURITY

Your data privacy is our #1 focus

Your company remains sole owner of its CRM data and you can revoke access to your CRM data at any time.

Sharework does not import or store any Personal Data from your CRM, and is fully compliant with GDPR regulation.

You will have full control over which partners you connect with on Sharework and what you share with them.

Sharework never shares your data with third-parties other than the business partners that you have expressly designated.

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What users say about us

It's what all Alliances managers dream of!
Sharework finally made pipeline reviews efficient! 👏
We've already seen an impact on our number of meetings.
Partnerships have become our #1 sales channel.
A must-have for any company with a large portfolio of partners.
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