Stanislaw (Stan) joined SmartRecruiters,  an HR Tech company providing a Talent Acquisition Platform to help companies redefine their hiring process and recruitment marketing approach, in early 2020. Stan, is the Regional Director of Alliances EMEA at SmartRecruiters. The first problem he encountered was a lack of processes. The second problem was that this lack prevented him from seeing the opportunities for integrations with his partners. The third problem was that the data he was sharing through manual account mapping presented some security issues. He needed a tool that provided a secure way to share data with his partners and disseminate valuable information to his sales team. As we all do when faced with the need to find a resource, he turned to Google. “Partner Enablement Tool.” 

Ask Your Ecosystem, Not Google

What Stan discovered was not Sharework. He found another company. He scheduled a call only to be disappointed. To his dismay, the customer success manager he engaged with wasn’t able to grasp the services he needed, nor did they understand the market or provide the quality of interaction he desired. Stan continued to search, and shortly after, he learned of a different company through his partner ecosystem, Sharework.

In Sharework, Stan experienced the service he desired. Behind the product, he found CEO Simon and Customer Success Manager, Alex. They understood what his needs were and provided a level of engagement that gave him confidence that they valued his business. The product he found proved to be a window of opportunity for collaboration.

Stanislaw Wasowicz SmartRecruiters

With Sharework, he now has a secure and safe method to share data with his partners and perform account mapping in a matter of seconds. When strategizing with a partner, he can quickly view their common opportunities, opportunities for SmartRecruiters that the partner can provide, and opportunities for partners that SmartRecruiters can provide. Through Sharework, SmartRecruiters created synchronism with 15 large enterprises, further fueling more integrations and gaining insight into those integrations.  

“We can clearly show how Sharework allowed us to focus our most senior Customer Success Executives’ times to connect with each other and create more stickiness with some of our largest strategic accounts.” 

Adding Sharework to the Sales Tech Stack

Sharework not only serves as a mechanism for collaboration between SmartRecruiters and their partners, as exhibited through these integrations, it also helps for collaboration between the Partnerships Manager and account executives. A common challenge for partners, which Stan shared, was engaging his sales team. This was yet another pain point that Sharework relieved. 

Now, Stan includes insight gained from the platform in his sales engagement strategy. In communication with his team, Stan shares partners’ accounts and account executives’ contact information to aid SmartRecruiters’ account executives in achieving their goals. With this information, he transitions Sharework to serve as a sales enablement tool that allows his partnerships program’s scalability. 

“I truly believe that Sharework is a tool that can be used by a sales rep and the CSM just as much as the CRM is. That’s my goal for next year. I’m pushing hard on enabling sales reps to start using Sharework themselves. This becomes really interesting when Account Executives and SDRs can help themselves.”

The future for partnerships and sales at SmartRecruiters looks more than bright. With Stan steering the helm, they are moving towards another year of revenue growth from opportunities discovered on Sharework. 

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