Caitlin Matchett, currently the Strategic Alliances Manager at Terminus, an ABM platform, has the insider scoop when it comes to sales enablement. Before being in Partnerships, Caitlin was a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Sigstr. The first time Caitlin learned about Partnerships was when she heard about an open position at Sigstr. Considering the nuance of Partnerships, this is not surprising; however, it emphasizes the importance of Partnership Managers to educate their colleagues on what they do and how they drive ROI. Using Sharework, Caitlin has been able to quickly fill pipeline leveraging her partners, and further has been able to provide transparency of these efforts to her team internally - ultimately establishing the value that partnerships provide.

"I'd been doing it manually through Excel and VLOOKUP and all the crazy, messy, inaccurate stuff."

Caitlin was introduced to Sharework through her colleague, Jason Yarborough. When he joined the Terminus team from PFL, he brought some tools along with him. Sharework was one of those tools. Jason introduced Caitlin to Simon, Sharework's CEO, followed by Alex, Sharework's CSM. She instantly found value in the product and the team behind it. "I'd been doing it manually through Excel and VLOOKUP and all the crazy, messy, inaccurate stuff."

Sales Enablement with the Salesforce App

She utilizes the platform internally as much as externally. Her latest favorite feature of many is Sharework's Salesforce Integration. She uses the Salesforce App to give transparency and visibility to her team. "The Sharework Salesforce app drastically changes the way we can collaborate with them by having that information on the account level in Salesforce." Having this insight allows Caitlin to actively enable the Sales Team and Customer Success Managers to increase wins and drive revenue because she is no longer the bottleneck to the valuable information available on the platform.

Identifying the Right Partners

To identify the "right" partners, Caitlin connects with them on the app first. She then sorts their account mapping by "Common Customers" and views Terminus' Prospects that are the Partner's customers. She combines this insight with the prospective Partner's ICP and company focus to determine whether they are an ideal match. 

Co-Marketing & Co-Selling With Partners

"I love using common customers to see what initiatives we can do around things like a Webinar or a co-branded one sheeter."

For her partners, Caitlin's instinct is to go above and beyond. Before, when insight was requested, she would be the first to offer to map accounts through VLOOKUP manually. What formerly took hours, now, she can do in a matter of seconds with more insight. One of her favorite insights is the ability to view an open deal with prospects."You can't do that in an excel sheet, and It's not accurate through VLOOKUP."  

Through live account mapping sessions with her partners, she plans webinars, develops co-branded one sheeters, and aligns AEs to tell a "better together" story. "I had a meeting with Campaign Stars where we each had Sharework pulled up and were able to immediately see our common customers and create some co-marketing initiatives based around them." 

She also views her prospects that are her Partner's customers, to collaborate and create quick win strategies. "With Sendoso, I look at what prospects are in our pipeline that we have that are also open deals that overlap with their customer base. It allows for me and Carina at Sendoso to think about the lowest hanging fruit for introductions. " 

Instant Information Means Instant Results 

Caitlin's fandom of the platform is a direct result of the success she's experiencing with it and the rate at which it is happening. Not only is she multiplying the accounts Terminus has in its pipeline but she is decreasing the amount of time she is spending running reports. "There's been about 30 influenced accounts combined among our Partners in just two months through Sharework. The ease of use of the platform and being able to surface that in a short matter of time has allowed us to get back to the team on short notice and let them know who we can connect them with." 

To experience fill your pipeline at the same pace as Caitlin, sign up for Sharework for free!