Frequently Asked Questions

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How safe is the connection to my CRM?

To connect to your CRM, Sharework uses the oAuth 2.0 authentication protocol, which is the industry standard and provides the highest level of security.

You can revoke your access at any time by a simple click:

  • Disconnecting your data source prevents Sharework from further importing/refreshing data.
  • Deleting your data source prevents Sharework from further importing data AND deletes any previously collected data from our servers.

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Which data does Sharework import?

Technically by connecting your CRM to Sharework, we will have the same right access than the CRM user who granted the access.

However, we only import and store the data that is necessary for us to compute matches with your partner's CRM and deliver the service.

As of May 1st, 2020, here are the data that we import.

How does Sharework manage Personal Data?

Personal data safety is our #1 concern and we make sure to respect 2 main principle: 
  • Strict compliancy with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Systematic anonymization of Personal Data related to your prospect & customers.
Sharework collects 3 types of Personal Data:
  • User data (Firstname, Lastname, E-mail, Phone)
  • Personal data of your collaborators or employees who are listed as users in your CRM (Firstname, Lastname, E-mail, Phone): This is used to put in touch your sales representatives with sales representatives working at your partners. 
  • Personal data of your prospects & customers: It's the Personal Data related to your prospects & customers' contacts logged in your CRM (such as e-mails, phone number, etc.) -> This data is fully anonymized as detailed below.

Focus on Anonymization of Personal Data of your prospects & customers: 

Personal Data of your prospect and customers only serves for matching purposes (to detect potential synergies with partners) and will never be exposed or shared with any partner.

That's why Sharework does not even import or store the plain data: The data is fully anonymized (or irretrievably encrypted) before import in our database, and these non-reversible keys for correspondence are then used by our matching algorithms.


How does Sharework ensures data safety?

  • The services provided by Sharework are hosted by Google Cloud Platform in the European Union.

  • Sharework does not use any server exposed directly to the Internet
  • All external communications are performed using secured communication protocols, in particular HTTPS
  • Intranet communications are managed using Kubernetes Network Policies

  • All the data stored by Sharework is encrypted at rest at the hardware layer
  • Additionally, infrastructure secrets are encrypted at the application layer with dedicated rotating symmetric encryption keys

Application Security
  • All code developed by Sharework is reviewed with a security checklist before being used in any environment, including but not restricted to: Authentication measures, Access control policy, Review of all new dependency.
  • Third Party libraries are monitored to implement patches whenever a security issue is made public

Customer Data Protection
  • Customer data is always encrypted at rest at the hardware layer, as provided by default for all Google Cloud Platform services (including SQL databases and Persistent Volumes)
  • Additionally, more sensitive customer data, such as CRM credentials and API keys are encrypted on the application layer as well, using dedicated rotating symmetric encryption keys

Can Sharework share my data with third parties that I did not approved?

No! Any Customer Data that we maintain or process will be considered strictly confidential. We collect and process Customer Data solely on behalf of our Customers, and we do not use or disclose Customer Data except as authorized and required by our Customers and as provided for in our Terms of Use.


What do I share with partners?

Our 2-step data sharing process ensures that you remain in control of what you share and who you share it with.

STEP 1: Partnership Overview

Upon acceptance by the invited partner of the invitation to connect on Sharework, both partners will be able to access the Partnership overview, displays only statistical data about your partnership, including: 

  • Market overlap (to identify if you sell to the same kind of companies)
  • Persona overlap (to identify if you sell to the same kind of people)
  • Number of common customers
  • Number of common active prospects (prospects with at least one active opportunity)
  • Number of their prospects that are your customers (and the other way around)
  • Number of common prospects

STEP 2: Account Mapping

Once you've established that a partner has a high potential of synergies with you based on the partnership assessment, you may want to go further with some trusted partners by sharing with them the detailed Account Mapping.

It's only upon express approval from both partners, that access to the detailed account mapping will be granted to both partners, including:

  • List of common customers
  • List of common active prospects
  • List of your partner's prospects that are your customers (and the other way around)
  • List of other common prospects
  • List of common partners

Do I share prospect/clients contacts with my partners?

No, you never share any sensitive information with your partners.

No, we never share CRM contacts with your partners so far. We chose to focus on Account mappings and as for now we let partners exchange contact information if they want to and when they find it relevant, but it doesn't happen in Sharework.

Personal Data of your CRM contacts such as names, e-mails and phone numbers will never been shared with or exposed to your partners by Sharework. Actually, Sharework doesn't even import or store the plain data.

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