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1. Safety & Privacy

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How does Sharework connect to my CRM?

The connection to Salesforce and Hubspot is subject to validation by the user via the OAuth 2 user authorization protocol.
The authorization includes: (1) Access to the user profile, (2) Access to the API (read and write) with same permissions than the user giving access, and (3) Authorization to use "offline" connection.

Which data do I grant access to my CRM?

Technically by connecting your CRM to Sharework, we will have the same right access than the CRM user who granted the access. However, we only use and store the data that is necessary for us to compute matches with your partner's CRM and deliver the service that you expect from us.

Will Sharework ever modify the content of my CRM?

No, Sharework only uses Read APIs and won't ever make any writing on your CRM.

Can I revoke the access to my CRM?

Of course! Your company remains sole owner of your CRM data and you can revoke access to your CRM data at any time by simply clicking on the "Disconnect" button. In such case, not only won't Sharework access your data anymore, but we will also delete all your data from our servers within 2 months.

Can Sharework share my data with third parties that I did not approved? 

No! Any Customer Data that we maintain or process will be considered strictly confidential. We collect and process Customer Data solely on behalf of our Customers, and we do not use or disclose Customer Data except as authorized and required by our Customers and as provided for in our Terms of Use.

Is Sharework compliant with GDPR regulation?

Sharework does not import any personal information of your prospects and clients such as contacts' names, firstnames, and e-mails. As a consequence Sharework is fully compliant with European GDPR regulation.
If Sharework were to add features such as sharing of contacts' personal information, then you would be notified of a change of our Terms of Use, and you would have the ability to disabled this feature for all Europe-based contacts, to ensure compliancy with GDPR regulation.

Is my data safe with Sharework?

Your trust is important for us, that's why we have really high standards in terms of security. If you're interested in understanding how we make sure your data remains safe, do not hesitate to check our Privacy policy.

Our Privacy policy
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2. Partners management

What data can my partner access when I connect with them on Sharework? 

To make sure that you share only the data you want to share and that you keep controle at every step of the process, there are two steps to share data with a partner on Sharework:
(1) Overview: Upon acceptance by the invited partner of the invitation to connect on Sharework, both partners will be notified once the matching has been computed that their Partnership overview is available.
(2) Pipe review: Upon express approval by both partners, access to our AI-generated pipe review will be granted to both partners.

What does the partnership overview include?

The overview displays statistical data about your partnership such as: 
          - Number of common customers
          - Number of common active prospects (prospects with at least one active opportunity)
          - Number of their prospects that are your clients (and the other way around) 
          - Number of common prospects
Please note that this is the only data that your partner will be able to see once you accept their invitation to connect. The detailed pipe review including names of prospects, customers, etc. will be made available to your partner only upon a specific approval from you.

What is a Sharework Account Mapping?

Most Alliances & Partnerships managers spend endless hours to map their Account base agains their partners', we automate the part that consists in researching data in both CRM to let you focus on your core value.
Our AI-generated Account Mappings include: 
          - List of common customers
          - List of common active prospects
          - List of your prospects that are your partner's customers
          - List of your partner's prospect that are your customers
          - List of other common prospects
          - List of common partners

Learn more about Account Mappings

Does Sharework share my CRM contacts with my partners? 

No, we never share CRM contacts with your partners so far. We chose to focus on pipe reviews and as for now we let partners exchange contact information if they want to and when they find it relevant.
Your CRM contact personal information such as names, e-mails and phone numbers will never been shared with or exposed to your partners by Sharework. Actually Sharework don't even import such data on their own servers.

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