You may not have the required edition of Salesforce to connect with external APIs such as Sharework. Don't worry, there is a solution! You can export data as a .csv and import it to Sharework in 2 clicks.

To get started, go to Reports in Salesforce, start a new report and choose "Accounts" report type.

Add the required columns

  • Account name
  • Domain name (or website)
  • Account type (or any other field that indicates if the account is customer, prospect, partner, etc.)
  • Owner full name

Include "Count of open opportunities"

This information is optional, however it's more than recommended if you want to fully leverage the potential of Sharework. It allows to distinguish "prospects" (any account to prospect in your CRM) from "active prospects" (prospects with an open opportunity).

This is not a standard Salesforce field at the account level, so you would need to create this custom field first.

Accounts > Fields > Create new custom field > Choose Type "Roll-up-summary" > Select object "Opportunities" with Closed = False > Save.

Set filters

Set filters to include only accounts that you want to give access to.
Ex: If you want to give access only to French accounts, then create a filter
Country = “France”

Save your report

You may want to refresh your data on a regular basis so make sure to save a version of your Salesforce report so that you can export it whenever you want.

Export as .csv

You're now ready to upload your freshly exported csv to Sharework here: 


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