So far, 4 CRMs are integrated with Sharework: Sharework, Hubspot, Zoho and Pipedrive. These cover probably around 85% of the market, but you may be one of the 15% that do not use one of them!
In that case no worries, there is still a way for you to connect with your partner on Sharework, and avoid the painful exercise of manual account mapping: the .csv export!

CSV export.

What should you include in your export?

  • Account name
  • Domain name (or website, or 1 contact e-mail to induce domain name)
  • Account type (or any other field you use to indicate if the account is customer, prospect, partner, etc. whether it's a standard or a custom field).
  • Sales owner full name

Export your report as .csv file

Export as a .CSV file, and if you're given any choice chose an UTF-8 encoding.
You can now upload it here!

Tip: Refresh your data once a month

You may want to refresh your data on a regular basis. We recommend to save a version of your report in your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, so that you can export it whenever you want.

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