Alliances & Partnerships managers spend a lot of time trying to identify where their partners could have an impact on their business.
It's a painful game where you try to receive from your partners more than you give, where you need to find the right information about the right account at the right time. And it's obviously very time-consuming.

Once you've more or less figured out which are the strategic accounts where your partner can help and what you can give in return, you put all this information in a nice excel spreadsheet, and a few weeks later everything looks pretty outdated already....

At Sharework we decided that you should no longer spend time on mapping your customer base with your partners' accounts... this should be fully automated! Our technology detects matching accounts between your CRM and your partner's CRM, so that you can instantly get:

  • A list of common customers
  • A list of common opportunities
  • A list of your partner's prospects that are your customers (and the other way around)
  • A list of common prospects
  • A list of common partners

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