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About Sharework

Launched in 2019, the Sharework platform (partners.sharework.co) empowers companies to develop efficient B2B partnerships with a real impact on revenue, by allowing 2 business partners to identify their customer and prospects overlaps to detect business opportunities & synergies.

The project was launched by 4 co-founder (Gautier Machelon, Perrine El Khoury, Simon Bouchez, Alex Sadones) who had a first successful start-up adventure together (Multiposting,sold to SAP in 2015), and want to go even further with Sharework!

With more than 100+ companies using our product, we already demonstrated a real network effect, and we're about to onboard new talents on various job positions in order to accelerate on both the tech and the sales fronts.

Job description

2020 is gonna be the year of acceleration for Sharework, and as our customer base grow faster and faster (with more than 100 companies currently using our product), we are looking for a Customer Success Manager with a strong entrepreneurial mindset to help us take care of our users.

As a Customer Success Manager, you will work closely with the founders (especially SimonPerrine) and be responsible for: 

  • Guiding our users from the onboarding process.
  • Helping our customers maximize the value they get out of Sharework.
  • Providing and structuring the customer feedback to help the Product prioritize our roadmap.

This job is tailored for you if: 

  • You love interacting with customers
  • You're very organized and rigorous
  • You're not afraid of picking the phone
  • You're versatile and easily adaptable
  • You have a good level in english

Joining us at this stage is a rare opportunity to participate in an ambitious project from the beginning.
You feel like joining the crew? Drop us an email and let’s meet for coffee!

Apply by email here:jobs@sharework.co

Paris, 9e
Full-time position
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