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We believe that businesses will collaborate more and more in the years to come. That's why we became the place where companies can securely connect and exchange business data. Launched in 2019, Sharework is a SaaS platform (sharework.co) that enables partner companies to leverage shared CRM data and find new business opportunities.

Our co-founders already had a first successful start-up adventure together (Multiposting, sold to SAP in 2015), and want to go even further with Sharework! Fortunately, we started on the right foot:

  • We’re backed by top-tier VCs (Localglobe, Ventech, Kima, Kernel) and just raised a 4m$ Seed round.
  • We grew from 0 to 700+ using companies in 9 months.

Your mission

2020 is the year of acceleration for Sharework, and we are looking for a Front End Developer with a strong entrepreneurial mindset to help us reach our ambitious target.

You will join a most wonderful team of developers and work on our web SaaS on a daily basis. More specifically, in this new position, you will:

  • Work to redesign the app. We're rebranding so it's almost like a new new start! ;
  • Develop new features on our UI and collaborate with the backend team ;
  • Enrich and consolidate the UI library we started ;
  • Collaborate with our Head of Product, and strive for the best UX possible.
  • Strive for state-of-the-art coding practices, and deliver reliable and resilient code ;
  • Work on a series of top-notch projects that you'll nurture over time - your new babies.

Engineering at Sharework

Our front end

We use some of the most recent and most appreciated frameworks and ecosystems like: React, Redux, Material UI.

We have a culture of testing everything we build, and this includes the frontend apps we build.

Our methodology

Our engineering culture drives us to build short iterations with strong commitments:

  • 1 week = 1 sprint = 1 release ;
  • Scrum is our inspiration but we want to feel perfectly comfortable with the process we use, so we focus on continuous improvement ;
  • Each developer owns something in the product, and will be responsible for driving the technical specifications and challenge product requirements.

What we have to offer

  • A rare opportunity to join an ambitious startup at an early stage and to take new responsibilities over time ;
  • A deep dive in a project with experienced entrepreneurs and top-tier developers ;
  • A top-notch technical stack with some of the most up-to-dates frameworks and languages (bye-bye php 👋) ;
  • A very competitive compensation ;
  • Whether you want to work from home or not is your call:
  • The team is remote friendly ;
  • You can benefit from a stimulating work environment, in a nice co-working space located in the 9th district. You will enjoy outdoor spaces and meet inspiring people from other startups!

Preferred experience and skills

While we value candidates that are familiar with our technologies, we are also confident that you will be able to learn from our team. You are a strong candidate if:

  • You know: React, CSS/HTML (obviously), Redux, Git.
  • You totally get the purpose of what we're doing (after a few basic explanations) and how deep of a change it could bring to the world of Sales and Partnerships ;
  • You’re proud of a tech project you’ve contributed to (personal, academic, or professional, you name it) ;
  • You're in the habit of testing, reviewing, monitoring, pairing and versioning (on a daily basis) ;
  • You are organized and able to take responsibility for a subject over time ;
  • You have great communication skills, especially since we've been working remotely a lot lately.

Hiring process

  • A call with the first recruiter ;
  • A technical test ;
  • A call with at least another member of the dev team ;
  • One last call with our CEO.

There's only one thing to do: Apply! We want you! 😉

Apply by email here:jobs@sharework.co

Paris 9 and/or remote
Full-time position
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