Ensuring your data security

Your data privacy and security is our number one focus, here is an overview of what we do to keep your CRM data safe.

Security Compliance

We comply with the highest security standards.

Using authentication protocols and data encryption, we ensure GDPR compliance and flawless data security.

The SOC II certification is awarded to the most secure platforms. We've complied with all its requirements, and will be certified in April 2021.

Ensuring your data protection

Our software and infrastructure are continuously monitored to make sure they are not exposed to any known vulnerabilities.

Data Encryption

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. To add even more security, we encrypt sensitive data at the application layer with 30-days rotating symmetric encryption keys.

Vulnerability Scanning

During development, Github security alerts and code scans are used to prevent introducing new vulnerabilities. We use Intruder.io and Sqreen to monitor vulnerabilities during runtime.

Employee Device Security

All employee devices are protected using anti-malware software as well as Vanta to monitor encryption and protections.

Keep 100% control over you data

Our platform has been designed to bring more data collaboration between Revenue teams. This data will always be yours.

What you can do:

Connect with the partners that you want

Share the accounts that you want

Share the account fields that you want

What Sharework does:

Enables you to easily connect with your partners

Gives you actionable insights about your accounts

Brings you more revenue predictability

Your data security is our #1 priority

We use the most secure technologies on the market to ensure the protection of your data.


Intruder.io monitors and prevents us from all known external attacks.


Sqreen enables us to detect and stop suspected hacks on our platform.


Vanta provides a set of security and compliance tools that scan, verify, and secure a company’s IT systems and processes.

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