Your data privacy and security is our number one focus, here is an overview of what we do to keep your CRM data safe.

GDPR compliancy

Sharework does not import or store any Personal Data from your CRM (especially your customer & prospects contact information), nor share it with any of your partners. The only data that you will share as non-personal data such as Account names, statuses, etc.

You remain sole owner of your data

Your company remains sole owner of its CRM data, and you can revoke access to your CRM data at any time by simply clicking disconnect from your Sharework interface.

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We keep your data safe

Our sole focus is to help you generate business from your ecosystem & partners. Sharework never share or sell your data with third-parties other than the business partners that you have expressly designated.

You control what you share and who you share it with

We give you full control about what you share with your partner. By connecting with a partner on Sharework, you only share high level statistics, not raw data such as account names.It's only if you want to go further that you can share a detailed Account mappings.

Learn more about Account Mappings.
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