Sharework transforms your Ecosystem into a source of business.

Sharework's technology empowers B2B companies to monitor their ecosystem of partners in order to maximize customer knowledge, and at the end of the day revenue.

Optimize partner account mapping process

Easily assess partners business potential to invest your time wisely.

Make pipeline review process efficient and scalable

‍Know in real time where you and your partners can help each other.

Track partners’ impact on revenue.

Generate ecosystem qualified leads

Enrich your CRM with ecosystem data

Prioritize and score leads

Identify factors maximizing you close rate

Enable your sales team to close more deals

Easily connect your sales team with your partners’

Provide ecosystem data directly in your CRM

Get intros and referrals from your partner


Key Features

Matching technology

We developed a leading-edge matching technology that allows us to detect always more business opportunities for you.

Control & configuration

You have full control over which partners you connect with on Sharework and what you share with them.

CRM integration

We don't believe that Sales reps need a new tool, that's why we make sure to deliver partner-related data directly in the CRM.

Action triggers

At the end of the day all you care about is revenue. Triggers help you convert data from your partners into actual revenue.

Security & Privacy

Your trust is important for us. Not only do we commit to a strict privacy policy, but we invest time & money in your data security.

Friendly Support

We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about Sharework.

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